How am I going to make this work?

This is a scary new world I’ve fallen into. The last time I went on a first date, Justin Bieber hadn’t been born. That’s a long, long time! Back then you had to physically meet people and ask them out face to face; there weren’t even mobile phones for most people!

Things are different now, of course. I’m a lot older and have four kids to look after, so randomly going out with a big group of friends several times a week to clubs, pubs and parties is impossible. Almost all of my friends have families of their own, and I’m finding that partying at my age feels a bit weird. I think I must come across as a version of Alan Partridge, awkwardly trying to have fun in a room full of younger, happier, more beautiful and more confident people.

So I’m going to dive into the world of online dating. I’ve not got queues of local, beautiful, interested and available women at my door, so I’ll look online to find them instead. It’ll also give me the chance to see what is out there and set something up before going out, so as not to get too disappointed when I yet again go home without meeting anyone.

If someone does come along in real life though I’ll definitely pursue it. My friends know I am single and my full situation, so perhaps one of them will know someone appropriate to introduce me to. Who knows?

Like I said, it’s a scary new world. Scary, but then again the most exciting things usually are.

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