The C word

Being a man who wants to date is tough enough. I have to somehow find a way to stand out from the mountains of handsome, muscle bound idiots who love nothing more than taking bathroom selfies without their tops on. Then I need to find a woman I am attracted to in some way and... Continue Reading →

Who would want me?

Desirability is a funny thing. What one person wants is often not what another person wants, otherwise everyone would want Ballers to move to hour long episodes. It's no different when it comes to what  people find attractive in other people, and leads me to ask "who would want me?" I'm not being melodramatic when... Continue Reading →

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B Single in Style

Insight's into the crazy world of dating

A 30 something career girl and her dating escapades


Married-divorced-soon to be married again Dad of 2. Navigating an unconventional yet brilliant life! | Instagram | Twitter @BlendedDadUK |

Love, Laughter, Truth

Author & Speaker Matthew Williams

New Girl Bianca

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Lucy Goes Dating

Adventures in Singledom


An uncensored view from a Father's perspective about life as a single parent

Just A Small Town Girl...

Just your average 27 year old diagnosed with E.W.S. at birth... AKA Excessive Writing Syndrome :)

How I Lost My Chains

I've Learned The Most Unlearning Everything I've Ever Known

Heartbreak and Hope

My adventure to turn heartbreak into hope

The Chronicles of a Happy Divorcée

#hope #gratitude #trust #newlove #forginess #happiness

Alice in Wonderlust

Love, Life, Magic

Dating Diaries of Average Joe

Dating Tales, Trials, and Tribulations of your everyday Average Joe

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Girl Rebuilt

My personal diaries on failing at love miserably & the lessons on love addiction that rebuilt me. Please click Follow.


If I had a power color, it would be sparkle. Landon Brinkley