I’d do well in America…

As mentioned on a previous blog post, recently I went on a work trip to Washington DC for work. It was only for four days, landing on a Monday afternoon and then flying home on the Thursday night, but was due to give me the chance to both learn something new for work as well as to test a theory.

After some encouragement from friends I decided to tweak my Tinder and Bumble profiles a tiny bit and see whether it was really my pictures which were the problem or whether it was something else. As both of my regular readers will recall, I’ve not had great luck getting matches and wondered whether or not it might be down to my pictures (which is code for me being ugly). So I made a change.

I added the word “British” to my profile.

That’s all. Same pictures, same profile, same everything with that one single change. And do you know what? It only bloody worked.

With encouragement from my workmates, who were equally interested to see the results, I swiped a little. And matched a little. Then I swiped a little more. And matched a little more. These weren’t trolls I was matching with either – these were hot women with interesting profiles that I would’ve thought were out of my league but who were actually matching with me in droves.

Okay, perhaps not in their hundreds, but I matched with more women on my first night in DC than I had in the two months prior to that in the UK.

Part of me gets it. Being a foreigner in the US makes me somewhat exotic. It gives me a sense of mystery that the average local boy can’t match, exactly as it would over here for US visitors to UK shores. I guess they were all expecting me to be a cross between Harry Potter and someone from Downton Abbey rather than more like a cross between Danny Dyer and Gareth Southgate.

But part of me is a little confused too. If it’s not entirely photos then what is it?!

In the end I chatted with loads of those I matched with, but as I was only there for two nights (neither of which were Friday or Saturday) and as I had work parties both nights too it limited my ability to see any of them. Shame too, as I’d been upgraded to a suite at the Watergate Hotel which was waaaaaaay too big for my needs!

All it means is I now know that I’ve got a chance of getting more matches on US shores than UK. Guess who is already saving up for an extended trip to the other side of the pond…

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