Twitter roundup – part one

Yes, this is a lazy post, but I’m feeling in a particularly lazy mood. Back at the end of November 2017 I decided to join Twitter. Again. Obviously, I have my own personal account, but that was a little too well-known for me to actually be anonymous, so starting from scratch was the only way to go.

It took me a while to get into a rhythm and find some ace people to follow, but I love it. If you’re on Twitter come over to visit me at If you’re not, here’s a taste of what you are missing. Part one of this duology covers my thoughts on dating and being single (but none of my replies – ain’t nobody got time for that…).

2018-05-15 10_24_02-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter

2018-05-15 10_24_57-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter

2018-05-15 10_25_42-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter

2018-05-15 10_27_14-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter

2018-05-15 10_28_01-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter

2018-05-15 10_28_42-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter

2018-05-15 10_31_06-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter

2018-05-15 10_32_55-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter

2018-05-15 10_34_45-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter

2018-05-15 10_38_23-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter

2018-05-15 10_38_49-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter

2018-05-15 10_56_05-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter

2018-05-15 11_00_24-Dating Dad (@aDatingDad) _ Twitter


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