Introducing the Swiped Out Podcast

I love podcasts. I listen to loads of them, covering subjects as diverse as football, F1, comedy, current affairs, economics and more. I love hearing new, interesting and/or funny opinions on everything as I sit on the train or drive to work, or even while pottering around the kitchen at home.

A couple of months ago I realised that I was neglecting to fill a podcasting hole in my life as I didn’t listen to any about dating and relationships. This surprised me, as those things take up so much of my free attention normally and are so interesting in so many ways. So I started looking around for some.

After a lot of looking I found two that I liked. Just two. Girls Gotta Eat and U Up? are both great shows, focusing on the funnier aspects of dating in the modern world, with interesting topics and great guests. But frustratingly for me they are very, very American. The things they talk about, the words they use and the examples they give just don’t resonate with me. As much as I enjoy listening to them, I regularly found myself disagreeing with them on things they said, or wanting to call in and give them a totally different angle on things.

It was at that point that I realised there was a gap in the podcasting world, a gap that perhaps I could fill. There was no good, established, regular dating podcast from Britain, one which included the male side of things as well as the female, which was funny and interesting and which spoke not from the viewpoint of someone in their twenties but from someone like, well, me.

So I started talking to a few people, and before I knew it I had been put in touch with someone I’d never met before but who – totally coincidentally – had at that very same time decided that she wanted to start a dating podcast herself. A few WhatsApp conversations and a coffee later, Swiped Out was born!

Swiped Out (so called because so many of us feel a little wiped out on swiping) is a weekly podcast where we ramble on about anything and everything to do with finding love in the modern world. We share our stories, our thoughts and our ideas, as well as going through some hilarious things submitted by our listeners. Jackie (my co host) and I have spent far too long dating not to have made All The Mistakes, so the show gives us a chance to share them and to vent a little.

At time of writing it’s early days, and we’ve got a lot of learning to do. We barely know each other, so will be relaxing into a rhythm as things progress and learning each other’s styles, but the first couple of recordings were a lot of fun and make me feel like we have a lot of potential. Websites have been built, socials activated and episodes edited, now all we need are listeners and feedback.

So if you haven’t yet done so, give us a listen. Head to the podcast provider of your choice and search it for Swiped Out, or visit our website and click on “Podcast” to stream it from there. And once you have, drop me a line to let me know what you think! Advice, thoughts, stories, whatever – the more we know, the better it’ll be. And if you want to leave us a five star review on iTunes, well, I certainly wouldn’t complain!

3 thoughts on “Introducing the Swiped Out Podcast

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  1. Hi, I’ve just listened to your podcast where you go in depth to how your relationship ended. I found it really interesting to hear your experience, how did you restrain from going to the hotel and kicking off, very commendable. The only thing I don’t agree with is that on a podcast about dating you go in depth to how ugly the boy was. This makes you seem quite shallow when obviously relationships are based on more than just looks. If he is ugly then him and your ex must have another connection instead. Just my thoughts but I would be interested to hear your opinion.


    1. Thanks for the feedback. The reason I mentioned it was because it’s all part of my confusion as to how it happened. If he was even merely slightly below average but had a great personality I’d get it, but it’s worse than that on every level. It was said to explain my confusion and shock at it, and to reinforce the fact that sometimes there is no foreseeing or explaining these things.


      1. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder as your ex must be attracted to him and they must have some connection personality wise as otherwise I’m sure she would not have left you and you mentioned they were still together? The best thing seems to just be to move on, let them do their thing while you do yours. No point having resentment as it will only affect the kids regardless of how little I’m sure you want them to be around him.


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