My 50 Things

Ambition. It’s one of the things which I’ve been accused of having too much of in the past – I want to do things, go to places and have experiences which are out of the ordinary. Yes, beach holidays can be nice, but given the choice I’d rather do the Inca trail than Ibiza, the Galapagos instead of Gran Canaria and The Andaman Islands rather than a random generic hotel with a pool, nightly entertainment on site and planned day excursions.

Back at the end of 2015 I therefore reacted in surprise when a friend insisted that it was almost impossible for most people to come up with a list of 50 things that they want to achieve in their lives. 50 things?! The real challenge was whittling the list down!

I’ve already lived an incredible life and managed to achieve a lot of things that many others would either have on their own lists or which they would not even dream of. I’ve travelled around the entire globe, visiting places from the Pyramids to Venice to the Taj Mahal, to the Sydney Opera House to Rio to the Empire State Building and more. I’ve dined with Royalty, seen the sun rise over Mount Sinai, talked my way out of being arrested on three continents and crashed celebrity after-show parties.

I’ve been on TV, attended sporting events on every continent, learned how to SCUBA, fronted a band, been quoted in radio interviews with government ministers and won national recognition in my field of work. I’ve donated blood, got tattoos, ridden a unicycle, had kids, won poker tournaments, windsurfed, bought art and headed up a national sporting organisation.

In short, I’ve had a good life so far. But I want more.

And above all, I want someone to do it all with. I want to find someone who will either help me do the things on my list or – even better – will do them with me. Someone who is looking for adventure, and who will be as happy learning to dance with me as reading a draft of a novel, or who wants to travel to Monaco to be there during the Grand Prix.

Anyway, here’s my list in no particular order. I’ve already ticked a few off, but if you happen to be (or know) my perfect match and want to plan doing a few more, well, get in touch. Next year could be a great year.

  1. Get my name included on the credits of a film released in cinemas
  2. learn to play the piano to a decent standard
  3. learn conversational french
  4. skydive
  5. bungee jump
  6. build my own house
  7. go on a tour for a test match
  8. go to the football World Cup
  9. follow the F1 to all of the continents
  10. build a tree house
  11. be a keynote speaker at a conference
  12. get a motorbike licence
  13. write a book (even a short one)
  14. learn how to waltz
  15. learn how to swordfight
  16. learn how to do a backflip
  17. run a marathon
  18. operate a crane
  19. be legitimately referenced in an article on Wikipedia
  20. see the northern lights
  21. visit the poles
  22. learn to surf
  23. crowdsurf
  24. live abroad
  25. stay at the Tatooine hotel in Tunisia
  26. walk the inca trail
  27. fly a plane
  28. learn how to skateboard
  29. experience zero gravity
  30. go white water rafting
  31. climb Everest – sort of done but was helicoptered off the mountain 1000m shy of Base Camp in order to look after my altitude-sick brother
  32. be part of a crew that sails a major sea/ocean
  33. win an award
  34. see an opera –  Completed in July 2016
  35. learn how to ski/snowboard
  36. learn the guitar
  37. win money gambling in Las Vegas
  38. solve a Rubiks Cube
  39. visit a volcano
  40. see Tottenham play in a cup final at Wembley – Completed on 1 March 2015
  41. learn how to pick a lock
  42. break 150 at the bowling alley
  43. score a break of 50 or more in snooker
  44. learn sign language
  45. grow and maintain a full herb garden – Completed 2018
  46. buy something at an auction
  47. attend a rocket launch
  48. go to a big boxing match – Completed February 2019
  49. start a proper business
  50. Get my golf handicap down to a legitimate 25

So. What have I missed? what else should I add to my list?

10 thoughts on “My 50 Things

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          1. It would make a kick ass blog post regardless! THEN you can replace #15 with ….. take part in an reenactment where I can show off my sword fighting skills.

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  1. Loving this Glen! I’m the same as you re: travel destinations, but wow – you really have achieved tonnes haven’t you?! I have ticked off some of your list like skiing, white water rafting and a skydive and some of them don’t appeal to me (F1/climbing Everest!) but others I love (#41 – what’s that all about?! On the other hand, yeah I’m in 😀 )


    1. Ha! I’ve certainly done a fair bit (plenty not listed on here too, such as attending garden parties at Buckingham Palace, scuba dived with sharks, built websites, cycled the Alps, been on a Saharan desert safari, won a poker tournament, headed up a national sporting organisation and learned archery; it’s a long list) but it’s never enough!

      I always say that when it comes to experiencing things I will always be happy but never satisfied. I want to live the sort of life that I can look back on and say I really lived, however long I live for.

      As for lock picking, well, it just feels like the sort of skill that might come in handy one day!

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  2. Oh wow!! I already felt like I hadn’t lived, but now I feel even worse haha!
    Although I’d love to have all of those things on my bucket list, I feel that financially it would be impossible. My list is includes travelling to some extent, city breaks etc, but I couldn’t leave the country for more than a weekend because of my kids.
    I was actually seeing a guy who had lived a life like that, he’d travelled, was an adrenaline junkie, he had been in films, and was pretty well known in the country he came from (even can be found on Wikipedia) and due to my life being so entirely different, I felt inferior. It’s put me off dating someone so interesting to be honest! I felt like anything I had to say was boring! Although I doubt I’ll meet a guy like him again anyway, was a very random experience! Haha
    Enjoy conquering that list! Very jealous!

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    1. Don’t feel bad – I bet you’ve achieved loads if you ever really think about it! As for this list, it’s a long one that I’m not looking at completing any time soon so I’ve got plenty of time to save up for them or wait until the kids are all grown up and moved out. I couldn’t go on a cricket tour, for example, until they’re all fending for themselves, but there’s also no problem waiting for that one.

      And never think you aren’t interesting; if your blog is anything to go by, you’ve got a wonderful mind which is more interesting than any list of experiences can ever be!


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