Online dating bingo

Along with most online daters, I swipe a lot. Of an evening I’ll dedicate time during a boring tv show once the kids are in bed to do the left/right thing, as online dating really is a numbers game. Like it or not, the more you swipe, the more chance you have of finding a good match.

While it’s mostly a visual thing, of course there are bios and profiles to read. Occasionally you find a genuinely funny or smart one. Most of the time, though, you don’t.

So here’s a game to play. Invite some other single friends to join you (or at least people with access to the online dating app of their choice) and give each of them the following list of phrases and pictures. Simply swipe as normal, but tick them off as you go along. The first to get to ten gets to choose the next round of drinks; the last to get to ten has to buy them. Rinse, and repeat.

You’re welcome. XxX

Profile/bio round

  1. I’m looking for my soulmate
  2. Looking for my best friend
  3. I’m looking for my partner in crime
  4. I like travelling
  5. I love my family and friends
  6. I like a good night out but also snuggling on the sofa
  7. No hookups/one night stands
  8. Big into fitness/the gym
  9. Swipe left if…
  10. I want a reason to delete this app
  11. Giving this one more try
  12. <insert random motivational quote here>
  13. Just message me if you want to know more
  14. Back in the country after spending years abroad
  15. Their height
  16. Must be taller than me
  17. Must be shorter than me
  18. <Their profile is nothing but a blank space>
  19. Guacamole
  20. Yoga/meditation
  21. I won’t message first
  22. Emoji overload
  23. I’m down to earth
  24. I never know what to write here
  25. Looking to go on a date and see where things go
  26. Coffee lover
  27. Gin
  28. Got all my own teeth/hair
  29. Vegan
  30. Not looking for a penpal

Picture round

  1. A horse
  2. Skiing
  3. A sportscar
  4. Duckface pout
  5. A tough mudder style running thing
  6. Gym selfie
  7. Motorbike
  8. Machu Pichu
  9. Instagram filter
  10. Sunglasses selfie
  11. A yacht
  12. Cute pet
  13. Snapchat overlay
  14. Holding up some sort of iconic landmark
  15. Kilimanjaro
  16. Bathroom selfie
  17. Beach body
  18. Overlay from a temporary Facebook profile picture
  19. Black and white
  20. Wedding

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